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W2E“...Sound Guy Stu (Patrick Pizzolorusso, who is a master of both the comedic and the tragic)...”

“...Stu, Champlain’s long-time friend, played by a natural Patrick Pizzolorusso...”




Re-Gift of the Magi

W2E“Patrick Pizzolorusso’s Joshua is the centerpiece of the show. Bearded, curly haired and with a Southern twang, he is the perfect youthful future Messiah. Comically accomplished he also brings charm and great depth to the role.”

“The cast is clearly having a great time playing...and Patrick Pizzolorusso as the earnest straight man to them all.”



The Last Cyclist







Welcome to Eternity

W2E"Saldarelli's dialogue is sharp, snappy, and fun and flows perfectly out of the mouths of Mary Schneider and Patrick Pizzolorusso. Schneider and Pizzolorusso share a nice rhythm and chemistry on stage and are on point with Saldarelli's quick, witty script"



"Brainy Allied scientist sidekick, Henry Isotope, [is]rendered with hilarious aplomb by classical thespianPatrick Pizzolorusso." CaptainRadio







Getting Even With Shakespeare

Getting Even With Shakespeare"and there are moments where Patrick Pizzolorusso as Macbeth appears as though made of lightning " Nitelifeexchange

"Patrick Pizzolorusso is the comedic standout as the angry Macbeth " Pataphysical

"Macbeth [is] played with spiky aplomb by Patrick Pizzolorusso"

"And Macbeth, oh Macbeth. It doesn't hurt that Patrick Pizzolorusso has been in numerous Shakespeare productions prior to his performance as Macbeth in Getting Even.., but I'll just say it: he's fantastic. He made Macbeth, a character I had no interest in previous to this, the most interesting and wonderful person up on that stage." Happen to like New York



Eye Candy

eye candy
"Patrick Pizzolorusso [is] particularly enchanting, easily commanding the audience's attention whenever on stage."






"The Doormouse and the Caterpillar are both played by a charming muppet of a young man, Patrick Pizzolorusso."
The St. Pete Times